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The Upstate Artists Guild is privileged to consist of so many unique and talented artists. We are currently the home for 85 members and we are continuing to grow! We are constantly surprised by the talent, style, and dedication of our members. We hope they can do the same for you.

+ Recent updates from our members:

Zack Zoll
Please help us welcome our newest Member, Zack Zoll, who joined on August 4th. For a full list of our members visit our Member Roster.

View our most recently updated Member Page by Associate Member Joanne VanGenderen, last updated on on Tuesday, October 21st.

Other Cities
Other Cities
Joanne VanGenderen
Visit our most recently updated online gallery from Associate Member Joanne VanGenderen. For a searchable list of our Online Member Galleries go here.

Our most recently updated Artist Daybook was posted by Member Christoph Speenburgh on Monday, October 13th.

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! Member Tip of the Day  For October 22nd
Connect yourself to similar artists by setting your search terms at the bottom of your "Artist Info" page.
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Upcoming UAG Member Events
+ All Members Meeting
May 6th through May 6th
+ Outside The Line
Oct 3rd through Oct 24th
+ Where The Wild Things Are
Nov 7th through Nov 28th
Current UAG Calls for Art
+ Fracking, Energy And Water
Opens January 3rd
Call for art due by Dec 15th, 2014
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+ Marketplace
Opens December 5th
Call for art due by Nov 24th, 2014
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For a full list of events, visit our calendar.