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Monday, May 23rd, 2022 +

Christa Dijstelbergen
UAG Board Member
Member Since: July 1st, 2004
Page Last Updated: July 7th, 2007
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Christa Dijstelbergen Christa Dijstelbergen is a native of Chicago, Illinois where she worked with Chicago's Red Moon Theatre, a street theater troupe employing large scale puppets. She has also worked as a costume designer. She is, along with collaborator John Weiler, among the ten founding members of the Upstate Artists Guild, and the pair form the nucleus of crasis d:zyne.

Christa and John have worked together as crasis d:zyne since 2004. The pair has created installations, smaller assemblages, stage sets/production designs, giant puppets, and have coordinated avant garde environments/events.

The work -- intuitive, improvisational and collaborative -- emerges from the egoless concord of creative minds just as the mingling components of the blood pumps life through the unified systems of the body. It is continuous, yet ephemeral: combining and recombining elements from past installations with new materials as the character of the space and fancy dictates. The ideal goal is not merely traditional presentation in the subject/object paradigm, or even a dialogue between same, but rather total immersion in which observer is both participant and component of the work.

Christa and John chose to work under a common name, like a band, because of the flexibility such an arrangement allows. Just as a band can bring in additional musicians, Christa and John can call on other artists and craftspeople to bring their skills into play for specific projects under the crasis d:zyne rubric. Video artist Jason Cosco and caterer Goutam Rajput have been members of the extended crasis family since the beginning. More recent collaborators include glass-blower Scott Pernika and metal-worker Joanne Agopovich.

For more on crasis d:zyne, please see John Weiler's page.

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