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George Guarino
UAG Associate Member
Member Since: May 14th, 2010
Page Last Updated: September 28th, 2020
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George Guarino After spending many years as a Fine Art major at SUNY New Paltz, I graduated from the State University of New York at Albany (SUNYA) in 1981 with a BA, concentration in Fine Art Photography. I loved being a professional student the entire time from 1972-81. As a way of combining art with music I decided to integrate into, and contribute to, the Albany music 'scene' by producing a local television show, 'Real George's Backroom TV' and 'Sarge Blotto's Hotseat', which featured local as well as national 'alternative' music and art (video-art, short films) from 1981-1990 while supporting myself by DJing at Club 288 on Lark Street from '81- '86, then moving to the QE2 on Central from '86-'90.

First to promote the television show and then as an entity unto itself I published a monthly fanzine 'Buzz' begining as a one page 8"x11" Xeroxed tri-fold in 1983. The publication grew into a monthly Alternative Music Magazine and by September of 1985 was first professionally printed on newsprint in a tabloid format, distributed throughout the Capital Region and at alternative music stores around the country. By this time, '85-'90, alternative music was moving from college to commercial radio and music videos were in their heyday with MTV. My television show and Buzz magazine set out to chronicle the period and promote Albany as a hub for alternative music. It was an exciting time to be in the 'scene' and play a small part.

The TV show ran out of gas first as I found I relied more and more on professional music videos that were sent to me rather than going out and shooting original pieces. Equipment was a problem, the novelty of portable video equipment first available to only a few in 1981 was common by mid-decade.

Buzz magazine lasted fiver years longer and was last physically published in September of 1995, ten years after it's first newsprint edition. A brief migration to the web lasted for a couple issues but the infancy of the web and the birth of my first child signaled the need for some actual income; the transition fizzled and I had to man-up (or down) and 'get a real job' or at least a regular job. It was a great run but it was time to accept that I was the head of a family that needed me.

Fast-forward... In 2005 I found my passion, one which I intend to become my true artistic expression. I completed training and was certified as a hypnotist. Since 2005 I have established myself as a professional clinical hypnotist helping clients achieve their goals of well-being.

My art intention is to integrate my hypnosis skills into art exhibitions and collaborate with artists who are interested in expanding the possibilities that exist between their art work and the viewer. I believe that through the art of hypnosis one can use the art before them; the painting, the print, the sculpture, as a focal point for personal insight, higher wisdom and learning. I am currently working with artists in hypnosis to further this aim. Exhibitions to follow.

I am excited to have the opportunity to be a member of UAG in hopes that through this association a new way of connecting artist and viewer can be met.

Visit me daily at:

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