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Sunday, November 29th, 2015 +

Tommy Watkins
UAG Associate Member
Member Since: July 1st, 2004
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Page Last Updated: September 14th, 2008
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Tommy Watkins As a little boy growing up in Rochester NY, Tommy Watkins often could be found perfectly contented with a crayon in hand, spending hours creating and drawing. As he grew and experienced the trials of adolescent, he found that the hobby he enjoyed as a child could now serve as an outlet for expressing the troubles and pain of coming of age. Now, as an adult, art has not only changed his life, but defines it.

Since arriving in The Capital District, Tommy has slowly transcended into a highly recognizable and respected artist. His style is distinct and his abstract modern paintings can be seen in several area businesses, with many more commissioned paintings created for individuals' private art collections.

Beyond his talent as a painter, Tommy has intense passion for uniting local artists and has been working to build a dynamic and cultured art scene in upstate New York. This has culminated in a myriad of events and exhibits that have realized his vision. As a co-founder of The Albany Underground Artists and The Upstate Artists Guild he has been part of a wonderfully supportive community of artist, but has also has stepped out on his own in organizing events showcasing area artists. A very memorable example of this was the community arts mansion show, as it was the largest local art show, with over 1500 attendees on a single night in March of '05.

In addition to the fine arts community, Tommy has also taken a strong role in the local fashion scene, organizing and taking part in fashions shows that allowed a showcase of talented local designers, as well the signature glam punk style of his own clothing line, Liability. In addition to this Tommy writes for the popular Upstate magazine where he reports on up and coming artists.

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