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UAG Member Links
The below resources have been suggested by our members as useful to our visitors.

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Abstract Expressions
Adam Furgang
Amanda Klish Originals
American Primitive
Art Hypnosis, Hypnosis Art
Baldessari Art
Curtis Canham
Existing Artists
George Dowse
George Guarino
IMGINEE:: Linda Huber
Jessica M. Harrington Flickr
Jim Robinson
Joleen Button
Jonathan Becker
Jorge Diaz
Keira Lemonis Photography
Mitch Messmore
Nina Stanley
Olga Lukjanenko
Pernicka Productions
Rae Nooney
Rebecca Schoonmaker
Ryan Carll
Tommy Watkins
Upstate Magazine

Galleries & Events

1st Friday
Albany Center Galleries
Amrose Sable Gallery
Art Night Schenectady
Art Night Schenectady
Ed Wood Film Festival
UAG MySpace Page
Upstate Artists Guild
Upstate Magazine


Art-N-Soul, Inc.
Lark Street BID
The Hidden City
Upper Union Street BID


Arlene's Artist Materials
Central Art Supply
McGreevy ProLab


Art Lex Art Dictionary reference for art techniques and history
Lehua Studio
Times Union
Upatate Magazine

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Fun /stress-reducing

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