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Monday, May 23rd, 2022 +

Elizabeth Maloney
UAG Member
Member Since: September 1st, 2007
Page Last Updated: January 18th, 2014
+ Similar Artists: Lauren George, Nikhil Patel
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I am happy to have joined the UAG in fall of 07 and to have met so many talented and generous artists. I have worked on a series of nightscapes of my hometown and am now moving on to other scapes in the region. Lately, there have been some colorful light installations popping up and they are very striking. They have also caused me to notice some of the traditionally lit structures too. I love the contrast of bright colors on a dark background, especially gouache and colored pencil. Will post them as I complete them.

I have been drawing, painting and shooting pictures since I was in high school. I studied history in college in Rochester NY but soon found out I could take an art class a semester at Nazareth College down the road.

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Troy Slips into the Sunset The Three Sisters
Troy New York Circa 2008 spiro scratch Promo Poster-Intelligent Television
Twilight at the Bridge Summer Evening on the Hudson

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+ Elizabeth Maloney's Current Favorite
Fulton Street Gallery Installation
Fulton Street Gallery Installation
Colin Wilkinson