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Adam Furgang
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Member Since: February 23rd, 2008
Page Last Updated: February 9th, 2015
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Adam Furgang Adam Furgang is a graduate of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and a full-time author. Over the years he has worked as a graphic designer, web designer, fine artist, photographer, and freelance writer. Adam's writing credits include thirteen nonfiction books in the middle school market for Rosen Publishing. He has written many books about topics as diverse as mobile photography, the environment, nutrition, disease, digital literacy, and the periodic table. Adam also runs a creative blog,, which concentrates on topics such as gaming, art, films, and pop culture. He lives with his wife Kathy (also a writer) and their two boys in Upstate, NY.

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Journey Into Space pool Symmetric Experiment 01
The Universe Earth & Man Wasps The Thunderbolt
Biotron Crazy Horse Meets The Aliens Fading Classmates
Phaley Vash nosebleed Tunnel
Hunter S Thompson Carrier Pilot Phaley
Prehistoric Siren

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+ Adam Furgang's Artist Daybook
+ March 2nd, 2008 at 02:46 pm
+ Adam Furgang's Current Favorite
Natalie Cruz