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Sarah Petrucci
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Member Since: March 17th, 2008
Page Last Updated: March 25th, 2008
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Sarah Petrucci My name is Sarah Petrucci and I am a visual artist living and working in the bowels of the capitol district, Rensselaer NY. Although my primary focus is in painting, I am constantly expanding my creative horizons in any number of diverse undertakings, perpetually open to any and all possibilities involving self expression and artistic intercommunications. I strive to maintain integrity, originality and a sense of immediacy in my works, many of which are large in scale and thickly painted. I am very interested in the properties of the paint itself, often times manipulating acrylic's with spray paint, oils, craft paints and textural elements. I combine images taken from various internal and external sources and present them in a vibrant and unconventional way. In my paintings I value expression over perfection, vitality over finish, fluctuation over repose and the unknown over the known. Most of all I relish in the unspoken interactions that take place between my self and the viewer through purity, recklessness and raw exploration of the human experience.

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Dancers/Dynamics series, "Desire" Dancers/Dynamics series, "Unseen Forces" Dancers/Dynamics series "Family Values"
"Sister Mary Lou wonders what if?" "The Night Watch" "Just Like a Woman"
"Wobbeling Photo of Grief" abstract self portrait Cityscape
"Becca's 17th Birthday" "Laura, IV as a force of nature" "Vehicle of the Mind"

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