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Monday, May 23rd, 2022 +

Scott Pernicka
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Member Since: February 1st, 2006
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Page Last Updated: January 23rd, 2008
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Scott Pernicka Through glass, I have found an art that will grow with me for a lifetime. In university, I enjoyed the three dimensional space of sculpture and the importance of colors in painting. Combining these two medium's qualities, glass has given me the chance to explore new creative possibilities. For almost six years, I have sculpted glass into functional and nonfunctional works of art. My jewelry, marbles, wine glasses, vases and sculptures are sold at galleries throughout the west. Internal Fire is the exchange of energy between the artist and the collector. This energy has allowed me to create intimate art for you to enjoy!

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5inch Sea Cavern Opal Angle Fish Dragon Vortex Sculpture
Spiral Vase Dichro Bracelet Group Ribbon Spiral

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+ Scott Pernicka's Artist Daybook
+ August 28th, 2006 at 11:04 pm