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UAG Member Roster
The UAG is nothing without its members. We have been honored that so many talented artists with a wide range of interests have provided their support and exptertise. Below is a list of all our active members who have helped make the UAG a success.

UAG Board Members
+ Andy Choens
+ Karen Choens
+ Thomas D'Ambrose
+ Christa Dijstelbergen
+ Matthew Ramsey
+ Rebecca Schoonmaker
+ Christoph Speenburgh

UAG Members
+ Robert Anderson
+ Tiffany Barkevich
+ Joel Best
+ Rachel Breidster
+ Tom Corrado
+ Vedanta Dumas-Griffith
+ Alicia Frehulfer
+ Carole Fults
+ G.L. Gould
+ Susan Himmel
+ Michiko Kubotera
+ Catherine Laccetti
+ William Lowder
+ Tammy Maddalla
+ Daniel Madden
+ Gary Masline
+ Thomasa Nielsen
+ Hillary Raimo
+ Linda Rozell-Shannon
+ Shelley Graham Turner
+ Larry White
+ Valerie Wolf
+ Zack Zoll

UAG Associate Members
+ Onna Adams
+ Blair Allen
+ Ward Capeci
+ John Catalfamo
+ Joey DeMarco
+ George Guarino
+ Martin Hatcher
+ Rae Nooney
+ Ed O'Connell
+ Timothy Reidy
+ Margo Singer
+ MaryK Weeks
+ Dan Wilcox

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